America First Warrior Podcast – Episode 4

This week’s episode features an interview with Mike Hon, David McLeod, and Mike Luis from Concerned Citizens of Meridian, a group of involved citizens who are concerned about the direction our country is going.

5 replies on “America First Warrior Podcast – Episode 4”

Thank you so much! I appreciate your title ….Warrior! It is a mess out here in the community AND also the state of IDAHO and having an additional warrior, ready to do battle to save our children, is welcomed! I just discovered this site (thanks to my colleagues from Concerned Citizens of Meridian!). I listened to the speakers and am ready to battle. Thanks for your leadership! This is only the beginning…..! 🙌🙌😊

Your efforts to hold the leadership of the Meridian library accountable are vital to our culture. There are a lot of Meridian citizens who would say “not in our city or state” if they only knew about this concern. It’s time to push back against this immoral effort. City of Boise may accept Drag/Kids parades on 911, but I challenge our Meridian City Council to make every effort to have a 911 weekend parade in 2023 for our Police, Firemen and First Responders.

Brad Little who voted for gay marriage back in the day, as executive of Health and human service has been funding drag queens in the park for children with Idahoans tax dollars, tens of thousands of your tax dollars! No wonder abortion continues under Little’s administration! Ammon Bundy will not bow to the WOKE agenda and as executive over Health & human services will end abortion on day one!

100% on point! If Idaho didn’t have so many low-information voters, we had a chance to have superior leadership for the state in either Janice or Ammon. Now it’s all we can hope for is damage control against the RINO puppets of global elites, Big Tech and Big Pharma. God help us.

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